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Excellent range of quality graphics cards
Water cooling systems you can trust
Futuristic 3D gaming equipment
Top of the range sound cards and speakers

Looking for a custom built desktop pc? Then look no further! It's what we do!

Complete PCs offer a full range of custom-built PCs to meet any need. We build these machines in house, and provide a full 24-hour testing prior to despatch.

We use only quality components, and provide 1 year warranty as standard however some items will carry extended 2, 3 year or even limited lifetime warranties.

We offer standard PC packages according to their proposed use, and happily customise these for any specific needs. We also build a degree of future-proofing into our PC's with upgrade capabilities as standard.

We can build anything from a high end TRIPLE SLI gaming pc with Nvidia 3d vision surround with 3d from 3 monitors to a silent photo/video editing workhorse We can also create a home theatre pc for your telly giving you a complete home entertainment system complete with wireless track pad or smart phone app control whilst looking as sleek and slender as you LCD or plasma and fitting right at home in the front room.

PC Purchasing

Computer dealers are Often focused on a few main brands of hardware, usually offering only a minimum of software, and variable amounts of service and support. Their service and support is not usually very good and their prices are usually higher than the larger stores.

Chain stores and computer superstores

Usually offer decent walk-in service, with very aggressive pricing, and little support. They tend to want customers to take out expensive insurance and offer little for this.

What To Do

None of these direct competitors provides the customisation and service that small businesses or home power-users truly need. Let Complete PCs give you a quote for a custom-built PC, fully specified to your needs and future-proofed, with a full support service on hand if necessary.